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  • This may be a bonehead question, but as the forums do not seem to have any such basic and helpful item as a *SEARCH* option so as to search the millions of posts already made on any particular topic, I’ll ask again…

    How do I change the images in the slider? I’m using Customizr, and have finally gotten a handle on how to make most of the basic customizations, but do not see that option anywhere.

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  • See this Snippet for searching the forum – which is a bit awkward.

    To create a Slider, open a correctly sized image in the image editor and use the Slider commands on that page – either adding it to an existing slider or naming a new slider.

    If you create a new Slider, you can use it on your home page by selecting the Font Page option in the CustomizIt menu – where there’s a dropdown menu to pick your Slider.

    Read the fabulous manual?

    Thank you chappie! I will try that w/the next theme I try to use.

    rdellconsulting, never mind. The theme was dysfuncional according to my webhost and broke my whole site so I had to uninstall WordPress and start back at the begining. Hoping the next theme I choose won’t break it all over again because I’ve spent about 14 hours so far on the *fabled* 5 minute install. Too bad, because it would have looked nice.

    @walkrrr — thank goodness the rest of us have webhosts that don’t fall over. Otherwise Customizr could bring down the whole internet thingamybob.

    Chap, it seemed to have something to do with the memory allocations of my hosting plan, which they made manual adjustments to, then recommended using a different theme to avoid further issues. But thanks for your “input”.

    More likely it’s your plugins causing the problem – in which case changing theme is unlikely to help…

    Try this.

    No plugins. So far so good w/the 2nd choice template, but I may try Customizr again now that I’ve got the installation straightened out.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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