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    – It looks like you can customize the colour of just about anything except the header text through the provided “Mantra Settings”.

    As you can see I have this lovely mosaic background, and you can’t see the text.

    I wouldn’t mind making the text bigger as well (black text with white shading or outline for visibility would be a total bonus)

    I am a WordPress novice and know nothing about coding, but can follow instructions fairly well.


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    currently the color you see there is #999

    Look for this css rule in your them’s style.css file:


    In it change/specified the color you want.

    Thanks for your reply t-p,

    I tried that and it didn’t change anything.

    I found #site-description and indeed the color was #999, I wanted to change it to all black, #000000, I saved changes, and nothing happened.

    I realized I was using Hex codes, which I found a list of on the internet, that have six digits, but the colours here only have three digits. So i tried changing it to something with three digits…still no change in appearance.

    I have followed others directions on here to try to change the style.css (space between paragraphs) and also that did not change anything….so I am starting to suspect something is wrong with the style.css?

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    Try clearing cache in your browser before viewing the updated page. To clear cache in your browser, press clrl+f5 keys simultaneously. Also, try different computer/different browser.

    Yep, once I cleared the cache, it showed the changes!

    Thanks for that tip.



    Also, if a style is not taking place and clearing the cache doesn’t help, putting that style at the bottom of the stylesheet and/or using !important can override other styles.


    #site-description {
       color:#000 !important;


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    You are welcome. 🙂

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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