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  • Well! So here is what my problem is. Initially, I started my blog with a .asia domain. Now, I believe any .com domain would attract more people than any domain name that is targeted to one continent.

    So, I purchased a domain name with same name but .com extension.
    However, I do not know how can I change my domain name without loosing content and traffic.

    I also want to change my web hosting provider which would require change of server. How can I set-up the new blog on a totally new server and redirect all my previous traffic to my new blog with new domain name?

    I am not an advanced user or SEO genius so I need help as novice – in details.
    Pleas help me guys.

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  • For moving, check out Moving WordPress. That shoul dgive you most of the details that you need to change servers.

    As for changing the domain name, that’s a little bit harder. I’d suggest setting the original domain name to be a blanket redirect to your new domain name. This will make sure that anyone that isits your site through the old domain will be sent to your new domain. There’s a few different ways of doing this, so I’d talk to your new hosting company to see what they can help you with.

    See… what I basically want to do is change my domain name and server, then install a fresh copy of wordpress on the new server with new domain name.
    Now, I want to transfer my posts and comments – I don’t care about user of the blog, widgets, plugins, or anything else. I would even like to update the permalink structure on the new blog.
    Finally, I want my older blog to redirect to the new url with all the previous post permalinks to redirect to my new permalinks without loosing search engine juice.
    More over, if I would just delete my old blog and publish the new one it wouldn’t make much difference to me but for the fact that the content that has already been published on my previous blog would be considered plagiarism by search engines on the new one.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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