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  • Hi,

    The link.htm in tinymce did change. (/wp-includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced )

    How to change now the default target for a link. Somewhere in link.js (?). I did not succeed so far. Anybody?



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  • Found!

    Perhaps handy for others: I did change in links.js the order and changed
    “Option(v[0], v[1]);” in “Option(v[1], v[1]);”

    fillTargetList : function(id) {
    var dom = tinyMCEPopup.dom, lst = dom.get(id), v;

    lst.options[lst.options.length] = new Option(tinyMCEPopup.getLang(‘advanced_dlg.link_target_blank’), ‘_blank’);
    lst.options[lst.options.length] = new Option(tinyMCEPopup.getLang(‘not_set’), ”);
    lst.options[lst.options.length] = new Option(tinyMCEPopup.getLang(‘advanced_dlg.link_target_same’), ‘_self’);

    if (v = tinyMCEPopup.getParam(‘theme_advanced_link_targets’)) {
    tinymce.each(v.split(‘,’), function(v) {
    v = v.split(‘=’);
    lst.options[lst.options.length] = new Option(v[1], v[1]);

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