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    First of all, thank you for this theme I’m really happy about it.

    But, since I’m just a beginner I would like to modify the color scheme with something brighter, what part of the CSS should I edit?

    Thanks a lot for the amount of time you are putting into it.


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  • You should not edit the CSS directly at all – as your changes will be lost when the theme is updated. Rather use a custom CSS plugin such as JetPack to make changes. Once you have that set up, use a browser tool such as Firebug to identify the CSS you want to change – you can copy that code to the custom CSS section and make the changes there.

    Hello lucamoiana, The first thing you should do is learn about making a child theme. It’s there you’ll want to make your modifications to your theme. As was just mentioned, updating your theme will result in the loss of all your hard work to any of the sheets you’ve modified in the original theme. The first sheet your looking for is ” style.css “, there may be some hard coded styling in others such as ” Header ” , “Footer” ect. But for now I’d concentrate your study on the style.css sheet.
    There’s lots of resource available on the web to help guide you making a proper child theme, some video tuts on youtube as well. Depending on which browser you use there are website inspector tools available to examine web sites. You can experiment making changes without actually effecting any work. Usually right clicking on a page in firefox, on a mac opens up a little menu and you see “Inspect Element”. is a great resource for learning a ton about site code and for what your asking about .. .css styling … It’s a site worth it’s weight in gold for folks like me. And please always backup your work often. Learn about commenting in the sheet your working on for self notes about your changes… you won’t regret it. Cheers

    I should add I just saw a topic for this theme about child theme lol

    Thanks for your help, I told you I’m a newbie!
    I’ll look into child theme and let u know!!
    THANKS !!!

    Sorry Guys, here is newbie struggling.
    I got the all child theme thing, read and understood. But I’m one step behind: I just want to change the color of the buttons on the front page and maybe the menu colors.
    Can you just point me on the classes I need to edit?
    At the moment I could only change this: .dropdown-menu a:hover and it worked but now I want to edit the rest.

    The other thing is that I’d like to translate the “Read more” buttons on the front page, How do I do that?

    Thank you for your time

    Theme Author Shaon


    ok, the shortcut is replacing the css class “btn-info” with “btn-inverse”.

    Thanks Shaon!
    And once again: great theme and thank you for letting it for free!

    Two last questions:
    – I can’t get to create the child theme, even following the other topic it gets totally messed up;
    – How do I translate it?? I can provide a hand for the Italian version, in case u care.

    Thanks a lot.

    Theme Author Shaon


    You’re welcome.
    yes, from next update it will have better support to child theme and it will be translation ready. Additionally it will have 5 more color scheme and another homepage template.

    I’m trying to changhe the manu bar color, and working with firebug I can change it but then, going to jetpack “css edit” and saving this rule:
    .navbar .navbar-inner {
    background-color: red;
    nothing seems to change, what am I doing wrong?


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    Can you link the webpage in which this issue resides? Then we can attempt to debug it.

    I’m working locally on MAMP.

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