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  • In your index.php file you will find something similar to this:

    <?php the_content('Click to continue »'); ?>

    You could change the ‘Click to continue’ bit to whatever you require.

    Hi I didn’t find this <?php the_content(‘Click to continue ยป’); ?> under the thesis_151 folder.

    Edit index.php

    * Primary entry-point to the Thesis theme framework.
    * @package Thesis


    * Thesis stores much of its programming in a unique manner when
    * compared to other themes; in order to reduce redundancy and to
    * improve efficiency, we have extracted much of what usually
    * constitutes a theme into logical, programmatic functions.
    * In order to customize items, such as the famous Loop, we
    * provide dozens of “hooks” into the Thesis code — the same
    * sort of hooks which makes WordPress so extensible to plugin
    * authors.
    * Much more information can be found on and in our
    * support community, but here is a brief example:
    * A plugin wants you to add my_social_links() to to the Loop in
    * order to add social links to your posts; here’s how you would
    * do that with Thesis:
    * In your custom/custom_functions.php file, add this line:
    * add_action(‘thesis_hook_after_post’, ‘my_social_links’);
    * That is the simplest of examples and is just a taste of what
    * is actually possible. We highly encourage you to experiment.
    * Remember: Customizations made only to the custom directory
    * are not only kept together for easy reference, but they are
    * also futureproof agaisnt any Thesis updates.

    Sorry, I never spotted that you were using the Thesis theme. Hopefully someone who knows that theme will come along and advise you on what to do.

    That’s okay, thanks for your help anyway Arnold.

    Please provide a link to download the theme you are using and maybe we can look at the template files to help you.

    Thank you.


    Oops, that costs money.

    Consider using and search for Click to continue in that theme’s folder (you will want to put that folder on your local computer). If you don’t find it that means it could be in the database, and if so that could be a Theme option you can change in your admin section.

    I think it may be in the thesis-directory/lib/functions/content.php.

    You may look under “function thesis_read_more_text()”

    (unless it is changed drastically in the version you use)



    When I get to “function thesis_read_more_text()”

    what do I do from here to change the

    [click to continue] to Continue reading…

    Sorry guys for this; I didn’t know doing something as simple as this would be so complicated!

    You can try and change the legend by editing the file using the theme-editor from the admin dashboard.

    I do not have the theme files of Thesis. I just suggested from my memory of having helped a friend on the theme some time back.

    If you still have any difficulty, you may send me a personal mail to skichu [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll try to help you.


    Just a heads up “[Click to continue…]” is the default for Thesis’ override of the the_content() read more text.

    All you have to do is go into Admin->Thesis Options, under “Posts” it has a setting for the Read More link default text.

    This drove me crazy for an hour until I realized it was yet another Thesis theme customization that overrides normal WP theming

    Not all themes expose the continue text as something you can configure.

    If you have access to the theme files and can modify them — the HOWTO article I wrote about changing the “read more” text might be useful.

    There are also some plugins that make it easier to manage the text used on teasers… just search for “read more” on WP plugins page.

    It should be in index.php since “Read More…” or “Click To Continue” or displays there.

    Although it might be the_excerpt rather than the_content.

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