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    Hello if you look here –
    The categories list has the numebr of posts below the cat name. This is because the number of posts (1) etc is outside the li tag.
    What file do I have to edit to correct this ?

    Thanks a lot

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  • style.css

    No its not that – the number of posts : (1) bit of html is outside the li tags – I need to know which file this is located in so I can move it inside them.


    Well, if you know better, don’t ask.
    It has been asked 100 times, I always give the same answer. It worked for others… but you can try whatever you want.

    Im not using a default template, my css is from scratch so I know for a fact its not in style.css.
    This is an html problem which is why I asked which php file I need to edit to bring it inside the li tags.

    Anyone else have any ideas ?

    I know for a fact its not in style.css.

    You know nothing. I’ll not argue, and I won’t even tell you how to correct it… Be happy with your knowledge 🙂

    No need to be like that is there, I’d expect better from a moderator.
    If you do a view source on my code you will see the problem is with the html, not css.

    The moderator gave you an answer in 14 minutes after you posted your question. Actually, the correct answer.
    If you didn’t know what to edit in the stylesheet, you should have asked.
    You chose to argue… The moderator doesn’t like people who argue without trying the solution they were offered.

    The moderator can see not only your source code but also, using the Dev Toolbar, is able to change/edit your stylesheet on the fly to check that the solution offered works. It works.

    Change the display: block to display: inline.

    And next time don’t be lazy, do a search before posting, your question has been answered many times.

    This thread makes me giggle a little. 😉

    Yes I know that way would put the number of posts on the same line, it also mucks up the 1px border I have under each li by making them uneven lengths – ie the same length as the text rather than a set width, which is why I want to edit the html to put them within the li tag.

    You cannot edit the html, and you should know that if you know everything better. That list is generated, it is not hardcoded.


    Yes and I am asking in which php file the html is generated

    Its ok, have found it.
    If anyone else has this problem and doesnt want to deal with these useless moderators,
    You need to edit wp-includes/template-functions-category.php

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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