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  • Hi, using suffusion 4.0.1, site url is

    In my right hand sidebar there is a calender widget, currently white text on a white background, I was hoping to change either the text color to black, or the background color to #75062d.

    I can’t find a way to do this only to the calender widget. Been using firebug to show me what’s going on, but this one still eludes me.

    I like the white text colour everywhere else, just not for this particular widget!

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    I don’t see any calendar in the right sidebar.

    I think you add a css rule for #wp-calendar in your style.css ie


    That should change the text color (or instead use “background”)

    Hope that helps!

    No, that’s because it’s white on white… hence the problem! It is there, mouse over and it should show tool tip text. Or it does on mine, anyway.

    Hi bythegram,

    That is probably what I was looking for, just didn’t know it was called wp-calender! Thanks, I’ll try it now… Yes, thats it! Looks good like that.

    Just for the record… where do I find the names of each widget? That was what really held me up.

    Thanks all

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    admin – appearance – widgets

    okay, thanks. I think I’ll have to read a book or something, I just don’t know enough…

    so flickr widget would be
    in the style sheet?

    Probably. I used Chrome’s built-in “firebug like” app. It allowed me to scroll over your calender and showed its id. It also lets you test out the css rule so you can have an idea if you are changing the right thing.

    I’d assume firebug would be similar but I don’t have firefox at work.

    Best of luck!

    I think I’ll get Chrome in that case. Firebug does’nt seem to let me scroll over and see ID’s.

    I added this to the style sheet, no response in the browser.


    Chrome it is then!

    out of curiosity where on your page is your flicker widget?

    it says ‘Institute of Chairmen on Flickr’. It’s the title text color/ size/weight I’m hoping to be able to change. Slightly embarrassed that I can’t find something in Suffusion options to do that with, it’s probably there.

    on the right where it says “Institute of Chairmen on Flickr” ? If so and you want to change the color of that text add this to your css:

    #suf-flickr-2 h3{

    And once you get Chrome you can just right-click on any element and “inspect element”, it has came in handy so much for me. Cheers!

    lol by “right” I meant “left”

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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