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  • Resolved Rob FTR


    I was looking at new themes and by mistake clicked activate, and updated my website to that theme with out “are you sure” buttons,

    So how do I get back to my old theme?

    I not sure what theme it was but I tried and activated the one I thought it was and still no luck, it’s not showing headings side bars etc.

    HELP is there a way to go back to “yesterdays” lay out?


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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Your hosting providers should be able to identify what theme you were using yesterday.

    Thanks I ask, but I would of thought there be a “Restore” type button to restore to the last back up?
    Would of thought there be a easy fix?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    There isn’t by default.
    Don’t your hosting providers do backups?

    I am waiting to hear back, just google search shows LOADS of people doing the same thing you would of thought WordPress could make it easier to undo, or have a are you sure button in case of mistake clicking activate.

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    I wouldn’t have thought WordPress would do this because everyone has different hosting environments, WordPress couldn’t predict everyone’s hosting environments. What arguments are you seeing that dismiss this?

    Ok Looks like I have to do it all again! fasthost do not do any backups that I can use!

    I am no programmer/internet person, and WordPress is a easy system to use to make and keep you website up to-date, BUT I feel and there is MANY OTHERS (just search in support) who found it far to easy to change a theme to the WHOLE website, to find they don’t like it and can’t go back the theme they had before. with out having to call/contact there hosting company and ask for a back up, if they have one!
    Or having to redo there heading/sidebars and put things back in order.

    I would of thought it would be good to have a system that can undo a mistake/change easier. Or ask again if you really like to change the WHOLE site theme. (like when you delete something is ask are you sure!)

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    Why can’t they go back to the theme they had before?



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    Why can’t you just click activate on whatever theme you were using?

    Theme options and settings are saved so you should not have much, if anything, to redo.

    You should not need to restore from a backup, no.

    Thanks Wpyogi, I thought I re activated y old theme, but nothing happened, BUT this was down to me as I got the theme wrong! so when I clicked the “correct” theme it all came back, much relief I can tale you!

    So note myself, Take note of what theme I am using and find a way to take back ups and do it often!

    Thanks for all you help all sorted now. 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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