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    please i am running WP multisite, and i want to change the ‘admin’ username charged with super-admin role. i want a unique name that will be the super-admin, instead of using admin.

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  • That’s a good thing to do idd.
    I’d do this through phpMyAdmin. It’s done the same way as changing password.

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    Axel, don’t do that. Superadmin values are stored serialized in the DB. If you change if there, you’ll break your site and NO ONE will be superadmin.

    Do this:

    1) Create a new user

    2) Make that ID superadmin.

    3) Remove ‘admin’ from superadmins.

    If you used ‘admin’ to make posts, you can delete the account, but you have to attribute ALL posts to the new user… it’s a little bit of a hassle on Multisite, esp if the user posted on multiple sites :/

    thanks axel13 for the time alloted to suggest a solution, but i think i will follow ipstenu path. thanks everybody

    please i have an issue. i have stripped ‘admin’ of ‘super-admin’ power, but when i tried to delete ‘admin’, it persists. and moreover, all posts posted by ‘admin’ now displays the raw php instead of processed content. can someone please help me out

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    Raw PHP?

    Change the author to your NEW super admin account.

    thanks ipstenu, i have done that.
    one more question: in WP single site install, there are functions like getbloginfo(), getoption(), and so on, available to get info about a single site and to manipulate. in a multisite scenario, what are template tags available such that for manipulating contents to be served based on the site name/id.

    for example, if i want a content for my mobile site only, what template tag/parameters are my to use.
    thank you

    Best to raise a separate post for that one. In the right place. 😉

    ok, dgilmour, i will do that right away. thanks

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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