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  • I have a wordpress blog set up as a subdomain and when someone goes to register for the blog or wants to post a comment, the URL that comes up in their email includes the domain URL. Since I’d rather not have people visiting the subdomain be aware of the domain, I would like to change this state of affairs (it also happens when someone mouse-overs the ‘login’ etc. options in the footer). But, it seems to be set up as an ABSPATH. Can it be changed to a relative path? If so, how would I go about it? Thanks so much for the assistance.

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  • Are both of the URI values in admin > Options > General pointing to the subdomain?

    You mean a sub*folder* of the domain? because if you have a subdomain, and your wordpress setup is within the subdomain, then it shouldn’t be showing your regular domain name.

    I know that’s not very clear, but I’ll give you an example. I have two websites: my old business site is (don’t worry – not a plug for advertising – I no longer accept clients through that site, and I’m currently working to convert it to a personal blog – using WordPress!). I have a CSS site, In all actuality, my site is actually a subfolder of my area (in other words, you could bring it up by putting in “”. Now, if I left it like that, then even using a relative path for stuff would still reveal that the URL is what you see right there – showing the end users my upper level domain name.

    To keep that from happening, I had to buy the “” domain name, log into my host’s cPanel and associate the domain name with the subfolder. Thus, all relative paths now point to the subdomain name, even though the files are actually lodged in a subdomain *folder*.

    So, that’s why I question if you’re actually using a subdomain…it sounds like you’re just using a subfolder with no association to a domain name.

    If I’m wrong, then there’s soemthing not set right on your server – because if you *are* using a subdomain name, and your wordpress install is located within that subdomain area, then the URLs should be pointing to the folders within the subfolder – not the main account. (I hope that made sense!)

    Hi, and thanks for the replies. We changed the URI values in admin so that they are pointing to the subdomain. That took care of the mouseover problem.

    The subdomain in question is actually a subdomain, and we have redirects for the subdomain, so we’re pretty sure that wasn’t the issue, and changing the URI values did fix it!

    So, I guess we can consider the thread closed, and thanks again for the help!

    Hmmm, just for clarification, doodlebee, what you’re talking about is using a parked domain. subdomains are always part of the domain (hence the sub). in the format:

    Even if links don’t show the domain, technically, as a subdomain, anyone can work backwards, so if you have a subdomain such as (an old site that now point somewhere else), someone could easily work out So to hide, the only way to do it is what doodlebee describes, using a parked domain name.

    Not trying to be pedantic here, but I feel it’s important to make the difference and call things by their names 🙂

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