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  • I would like to change a page content background from white to off-white/creme in Deli (StoreFront chile theme). The background setting in wp-admin changes the background in the area surrounding the content but the content area itself remains white. Which lines in the stylesheet are responsible for the page content background changes?

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  • Hello,
    Please post your site URL here for additional help.

    The site is I am helping the client with design of her web-site. The client does’t want to make the web-site public until it is fully designed, so you probably won’t see more than “coming soon” sign if you follow the url. Basically at this point the web-site doesn’t look that much different from the demo My question is what would I need to do if I wanted to change the white background underneath the page content (product photos, text) on each page of the demo version to creme color. I figured using google chrome’s developer tools that this color is defined in background-color of the .content-area, but if I just put
    .content-area {background-color: #efe6bb} in the style.css it changes nothing.
    It must be somewhere in one of the numerous php files and I can’t figure out where exactly.

    You should be placing these styles in your themes CSS file. Try this.

    `p {
    background-color: #put your color here;

    Good Luck.

    I put p {
    background-color: #e8dda5;
    in the style.css
    It didn’t work. It just highlighted the text on a page, but not changed the color of the whole white area. You can look at – I think it’s public now.

    Try This.

    `.content-area, .page-template-template-homepage-php .content-area, .storefront-full-width-content .content-area {
    background-color: your color here;

    We are close, just have to get that other area to change colors.

    Good Luck.

    Thanks, but adding this to style.css didn’t change anything. I added <style>.content-area{background-color:#efe6bb}</style> to separate pages in wp page editor and it did the trick but it only works for those pages that have this code, not globally.
    Looks like one of the PHP files does something that adds this style to each HTML page not as a link to a stylesheet but as a <style>.content-area{background-color:#efe6bb}</style> teg in the header section. It has a priority over all the linked style sheets, no matter how I define the background color in a style sheet.

    Stuart Duff


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi Spovelikin,

    This CSS below will allow you to change the background color of the content area within the theme and in my example below I use red so it shows the change clearly.

    .content-area {
      background-color: #c33;

    You can change the #c33 hex colour code to whatever colour you would like to display and can add the CSS via a plugin like this below.


    CSS Plugin:

    I have the same issue. Your code @stuartduff helped, but it does not stretch to the full width. The website is:

    Does anyone know a solution?

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