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[Resolved] How To Center Ads In Widget?

  • I tried both:

    <center> ADSENSE CODE </center>
     <div align="center"> ADSENSE CODE </div>

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    But don’t work. How can i center the Adsense Ads on your theme?

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    Ad widget positions are styled via CSS, and there are a number of them in the theme. Which particular widget position are you referring to? It is helpful if you provide a url so we can see where exactly you mean.


    Theme – Widgets – Heatmap AdAdaptive Ad and put it in Post (inline). Now put the following text inside it:

    <center> ADSENSE CODE </center>


    <div align=”center”> ADSENSE CODE </div>

    These two didn’t center my Adsense Ad.
    How can i center it?

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    Post inline position is designed to always float to the left of the title.
    If what you actually want is your ad to sit centered below the post title then the post in-content position is a better choice.

    To center that in the css you’d need add this at the bottom of style.css…

    #heatmapthemead-widget-position-postincontent .widget {
    text-align: center;

    However, these days Mr Google does not like content to be pushed ‘below the fold’ in favour of ads, so its probably not the best idea if you are using adsense ads. 😉

    If you want more flexibility with alignment of your ads then Click Missile plugin which comes with the Pro version of this theme will make it easier for you.

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    It worked for me when I tried it, but if you would post a url then I could see exactly what you are trying to do and advise you on the best approach.
    Partial screenshots do not provide the information required.

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    You haven’t responded with a url for me to look at so I’ll close this as resolved.



    Can someone please help me. The top and right widgets are pulling left and I don’t know how to fix it. Thanks.


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