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    Here is my end goal: To hide sidebars that contain no widgets which my theme currently shows as blank space.

    Background: I am able to change the layout by adding/changing classes for the content and sidebar divs. The only thing that I am having problems with is getting whether there are any widgets in a particular sidebar.

    Research: I have tried several different ways and I know what is preventing me from this functioning properly, but I do not know how to fix it.

    Understood WordPress functions:

    wp_get_sidebars_widgets(); - returns array of all sidebars and active widgets in each
    Plugin that is throwing me off that I am trying to work with:

    Widget Context - contains settings for showing/hiding widgets per page/post. I recommend it and it works as intended. I am trying to add an additional functionality to my site though and this hides the widgets on the page but it still shows the widgets as active in the wp_get_sidebars_widgets(); function.
    Widget Context Plugin Functions

    function check_widget_visibility( $widget_id ) { ... } - passes the widget ID and returns true or false if the widget is displayed on the page.
    Here is what I have tried to call the check_widget_visibility function in the themes sidebar.php file:

    //get the sidebars and active widgets and set to a variable
    $sidebarActiveWidgets = wp_get_sidebars_widgets();
    //set variable that will be set to true if any widgets are active for this page
    $activeWidgets = false;
    //'sidebar' is the name of the sidebar that I am trying to check for active widgets
    foreach($sidebarActiveWidgets['sidebar'] as $widgetID){
        //check if the widget is visible
        if(check_widget_visibility( $widgetID )){
            //widget is visible set variable to true
            $activeWidgets = true;
            //widget is visible no reason to check others so break the foreach loop
            break 1;
    //check if the variable is still false
    if(! $activeWidgets){
        //variable is false run additional operations to extend content and remove sidebar that contains no active functions

    I am getting the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_widget_visibility() I know that this function is called inside of a class so I tried doing a couple of different ways to call the function inside of the Widget Context Plugin class named widget_context:

    widget_context()->check_widget_visibility( $widgetID )
    Returns Fatal error: Call to undefined function widget_context()
    $widget_context->check_widget_visibility( $widgetID )
    Returns Fatal error: Call to a member function check_widget_visibility() on a non-object
    Can somebody help me as to how to call a function within a theme file, where the function resided inside a plugin's class

    If you need me to post more code from the Widget Context Plugin please let me know.

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