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    Hello there!

    I created a new form as the “Ideal Weight Calculator”, just harder. The user enters his data and at the last step he should receive a pre-prepared form (depending on his physique) and fields that are automatically deducted from previously entered data.

    How can I do something like this? I need 3 to 6 different forms, which will be shown to the user depending on his data.

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    Hello @altkmv,

    I’m sorry, but your question is too general, however, assuming there are fields in the form with multiple alternatives, where the user should select one of them (like radio buttons and DropDown fields) and you want show the user some fields depending on the data entered, you can use dependencies, more information in the following link:

    As you can read in the previous link the dependencies can be defined with calculated fields too, so, you can determine the health condition of the user and show to him a summary depending on the equation’s result.

    Best regards.

    Thank you.

    I realized that I can insert specific data if the condition is met.

    Can I add not the field, but the whole form? More precisely, a set of lines of text and calculated fields. Let me try to give an example:

    I have a radio button with a choice: skinny, fat. And there is a field for entering the weight.

    If a person chooses “skinny” and introduces weight, he gets the following:

    1. Push-ups from floor – 10 times.
    2. Squats with a bar (rod weight = 50% of the person’s weight)

    If a person chooses “fat” and introduces weight, he gets the following:

    1. Pull-ups – 5 times.
    2. Bench press bar (bar weight = 70% of the person’s weight)

    Prompt, how it is possible to deduce such fields depending on the selected data?

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    Hello @altkmv,

    First, in HTML Standard you cannot nesting FORM tags, so, you cannot embed a complete form into another.

    Concerning to your specific situation.

    – Assuming there is a radio button field with two choices: skinny and Fat.
    – And a number field for the weight, that I’ll call: fieldname2

    – Insert a “Instruct. Text” field with the text: “Push-ups from floor – 10 times.” (I’ll call it fieldname3)
    – A calculated field (fieldname4) for “Squat with a bar”, with the equation: fieldname2/2

    – Another “Instruct. Text” field (fieldname5) with the text: “Pull-ups – 5 times”
    – And another calculated field (fieldname6) for “Bench press bar”, with the equation: fieldname2*0.7

    Finally, configure the fields: fieldname3 and fieldname4 as dependent on the “Skinny” choice, and the fields: fieldname5 and fieldname6 as dependent on the “Fat” choice.

    and that’s all.
    Best regards.

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