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  • How could I calculate an person’s age if I have their year of birth?

    Thanks heaps


    Im trying this function:

    function age_in_years() {
    	global $postmeta;
    	$year_of_birth = get_field( "date_of_birth",$modelID);
    	$date1 = strval( $year_of_birth );
    	$date2 = strval( date( 'yy') );
    	$age = $date2 = $date1;
    	return $age;

    But is not working at all… what I am doing wrong?
    Using this code:
    <?php echo age_in_years();?>

    Is getting this:

    Database screenshot:

    Waiting for your help, thanks 🙂

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  • Matthew Ray


    I don’t think this is a question for the ACF support forum. It seems that ACF is working properly for you. These kind of questions should be asked on general support forums like StackOverflow. Here is the answer to your question, though:

    function age_in_years() {
        $year_of_birth = get_field( 'date_of_birth', $modelID );
        return intval( date( 'Y', time() - strtotime( $year_of_birth ) ) ) - 1970;
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