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  • guavahealth


    I have over 600 product images for my woocommerce store but none have any info in alt text or title.

    Is there a plugin or bulk importer where I can import a CSV with image file names and alt text, title, etc.?

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  • Joy




    Is there a plugin that can copy product keywords to image “alt text” and image title?



    Hi Joy

    Thank you for your feedback. I can’t seem to find a plugin that allows image attributes to be imported via CSV?

    I already have over 600 images. I would ideally like to export these to a CSV so I have the image file names and then add image attributes and import these back via CSV. Is there a plugin that allows for this?



    There are several on the page I linked. What you probably don’t know is that images in WordPress are stored in the posts table, as the ‘attachment’ post type. The plugins handle them the same way as other post types.



    Is there one that is easy to use and free that you could recommend?

    Sorry I am a bit of a newbie so your comment about images being stored in the posts table doesn’t help me a lot but I understand what you mean though.

    I added WP All Import and WP All Export plugin and added image meta data but when I got as far as trying to import the file, it asked me to add the WooCommerce add on which is not free.

    Any advice you offer is highly appreciated

    The issue with WP All Import is that it requires the images to be imported attached to a post type, so you can’t just update what’s already there. I am also looking for a tool that would all you to export all images by filename, update a csv, and then re-import with the image attributes. That doesn’t seem to exist.

    I had the same problem I found until I found Sheet Editor,

    Just be aware each set of spreadsheets is a different product. I believe Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types With a Spreadsheet is the one you want. There is a media spreadsheet that allows you to edit the fields using a spreadsheet interface or you can export the fields edit them in Excel and import them back into your site.

    Thank you @brgreene for mentioning our WP Sheet Editor plugin. We’ve received many questions from this support thread so I want to add more information.

    We have a spreadsheet editor for Media Files where you can view all the images and edit thousands of images quickly.

    The sheet has columns for all the information, including the title, alt text, caption, description, associated post title (i.e. product name where the image was uploaded), user who uploaded the image, upload date, taxonomies of the associated post (i.e. categories, tags, brands, attributes of the product where the image was uploaded), etc.

    And you can bulk edit using all those columns. For example, you can automatically copy the “associated post title” to the “alt text” column for all images at once, set alt text from the post categories, tags, or attributes.

    You can edit in our spreadsheet on wp-admin (no need to import/export), and you can also export/import to edit in Google Sheets or Excel.

    You can make advanced searches by any field. I.e. Find all images from a product category, tag, attribute, or post title keyword. etc. Or find images without alt text.

    This is the official page of the plugin.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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