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  • I accidentally deleted a category which resulted in all the posts (174) ending up in my default category.

    I’ve successfully recreated the cat and added all the posts back but now I want to do a bulk removal of the default category. The problem is that you can add but not takeaway a category unless I do it one post at a time. No way Jose!

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  • jack randall


    so you’ve moved all the posts back to the right categories? do you want to remove the posts from the default “uncategorised” category?

    go to your post list in the dashboard and select all the posts in category A + Uncategorised then go to the bulk actions menu at the top and select edit and then in the category section of the bulk editor window de-select the uncategorized category.

    see if that works…

    I don’t have a ‘default uncategorized’ category. When I deleted the specific category, all the posts ended up in the default category ‘William Bowles’ (which can’t be deleted). So I went through the category and did bulk additions of the recreated category (by selectively searching the category).

    Ok so far, but now I have nearly 200 posts in the cat ‘William Bowles’ that need to be removed from the cat but in the Bulk Additions option you can only add but not take away a category, otherwise I’d go into the specific category (Countercurrents) and a bulk change.

    Unless that is, I don’t understand you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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