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    I´m trying to develop a site where customers could chooose between discounts and then i could receive the customer´s choise so i could send they later the discounts.

    So using woocommerce, i´m doing this adaptations:

    Instead of products, i have brands (brands who wants to send discounts).
    I rename “cart”, to “my discounts” (the idea is that customers could choose to wich brands they can receive discounts). This information have to stored and edited whenever the customer wants.

    Do you find that i could do this easily using another plugin instead of adapting woocommerce?

    Is it possible to modify woocommerce so i be enable to access to the “cart” of all customers (their discount selection). And is it possible to import this selection to an excel?

    Of course, i will deseable purchase options because there will be nothing to purchase.

    Every idea to reach my objetive will be welcome! Thanks!

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  • I think this can be done with WooCommerce, yes. But it is not what the plugin is aimed at, so maybe we’ll need to add some hooks or something to the plugin to make it really work out for you – more about that later.

    You will need to change all the buttons and other text strings of course, but let’s focus on the features first. We have an extension that disables all the purchases, but that will also disable the cart and checkout, which you wish to keep I guess.

    If you disable all price related checks (setting all prices to 0 will do, probably), you will allow your users to do a full ‘checkout’, without actually needing to pay anything. There will still be the need for a gateway – otherwise our checkout will not work. My guess is that you should make one really simple gateway that does nothing but completing the actual ‘orders’ that are being made.

    Speaking of orders, do you still want to keep email notifications to customers after they’ve made an order? You can customise all the templates and textual contents of the emails of course, or disable them as a whole.

    What remains now, is that you go try it out and come back with more specific questions if you run into any issues. If we need to provide extra hooks in our plugin, feel free to propose something here and we’ll look into it.

    Thank you Jacobs! I will follow your recommendations!

    About the orders, instead of receiving emails notifications i think that exporting all the orders from woocommerce to an excel will be more usefull because we will use a massive sms sender program (nothing to do with wordpress) to distribute the discounts to the users (collecting the users orders one by one wont be usefull) I´ve seen many plugins to import products to woocommerce but i don´t know if there is any plugin that allow me to export the data of the orders.

    Thank you again!


    We have the Order/Customer CSV Export extension that does just that.

    Thanks Jacobs!


    Is it possible to access to the client (user) information before they proceed to checkout. I believe that the information is saved somewhere.
    If not, the user has to select all the products/discounts again and proceed to CHECK-OUT.

    What I need is just the information shown on the Cart window afer they have selected each discount (in our case).

    For this to work we dont an order to be created, what we need is to access the information whenever a user/client enters or logs into their account and updates their CART.

    Thanks and regards,


    That is not possible by default. And it would render any extension (including the CSV export one I linked above) we sell for handling orders useless.

    To get more towards what you are looking for would require a lot more customising of the whole cart and checkout flow. We can help you with specific questions, but can’t do any of the thinking/coding for this whole project.

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