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  • hey there
    i am interesting with Arabic lyrics , i have large library of Arabic lyrics , i know it will easy to publish this lyrics by using word press but do you think that i can manage lyrics in fields like
    Singer Lyrics
    Album lyrics

    i need ur opinions guys ,
    thanks in advance

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  • Yes, I do it. WP is good for this. It is an under-recognized ability of WP.

    Song title in the Title field. For the Lyrics, put them in the Write Post body.

    For fields, study the Custom Fields of WP. You can attach extra facts such as Songwriter, What Albums It Is On, What Year.

    Use the plugin Custom Fields Templates to add those fields in your write post area.

    Use the plugin Get Custom Field Values to display those fields in your theme’s single post template single.php

    Other than that, you need to think of Alphabetical techniques and plugins. It is better for lyrics, while Chronological is not so good for lyrics.

    Learn to alphabatize your query before The Loop in your category templates.

    Also use the plugins A-Zlist (alpha sorted by a custom field), and WP-Snap (alpha glossory by first letter). TDO Mini Forms to let users submit lyrics. WP-Print by Gamerz for printable view. TTFtitles for headlines. Kafkaesqui’s almost-unknown Random Line plugin, that pulls 1 random line from 1 of your posts (songs) and puts it on the homepage (a cool trick he made for my request for my lyrics sites).

    I have been meaning to write up a guide on putting Lyrics sites with WP. That is my basic outline. I have spent a couple years getting to test all these options and the above are the best.

    That should do it. Good luck.

    i don`t know what to say ..
    but if you saw Wanted – the movie – i wanna say to you that “you are the man” 😀
    thanks a lot for helping me Dgold
    i wanna ask you a question .. did you think that i can test that on blog until i received the new domain and package ?
    and give a link to your lyrics blog
    thanks again my friend

    You could possibly find it on Google. I don’t really want to post my link on here. I wouldn’t mind you seeing it, or if you emailed me off site, if you find it. Unfortunately this forum doesn’t have private messaging.

    You can test on and especially you can start to build your content database there, because, you can Import the posts (songs) later. But you won’t get to customize your them, and you won’t get to try most of the plugins, so you will still be a long way off when you’re on Also don’t establish a big readership there since you’re planning to switch.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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