How to break wp_insert_post operation with an error (1 post)

  1. orgzchaos
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have researched on this a lot but mostly getting stuff about applying hacks etc. I have added a new condition in wp_insert_post as below which checks for a particular title and stops the post from being inserted to the database if the condition is met.

    if ( empty($post_type) )
    		$post_type = 'post';
    	if ( empty($post_status) )
    		$post_status = 'draft';
    	if ($post_title == 'XYZ') {
       return  new WP_Error('broke', __("I've fallen and can't get up"));

    Hence if the title of my post is XYZ then the post will not be published. It works fine but I still get the Post Published message. I am looking to replace this message with an error message. Anyone can help me out with this?


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