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  • Hello guys,
    I am getting hell lot of comments (spam) on my blog for each blog entry 🙁
    I just wanted to know, is there a way to block comments based on author name/email.
    I think, IP banning is not possible for my site since I am getting same IP for all the comments.
    Thanks in advance for yoyr suggestions 🙂
    This is that spam comment 🙁
    Author : free online poker (IP: , E-mail : sunny@
    URI :
    [links munged – Podz]

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Just add the author’s name to your blacklist (in options/discussion). You may want to fill up your blacklist with the most frequent words too (the link is near the blacklist controls.

    But i am not getting that option for “discussions”
    I am using WordPress 1.0.2…

    you might want to upgrade to WP 1.2.1, then add the plugin wp_blacklist. That would allow you to do what you want to as far as blocking spam comments.

    Moderator James Huff


    You should see “Discussions” when you upgrade to wp 1.2.1, it’s just about as effective as wp_blacklist IMO.

    Now why would you want to post a link to their site?? Are they giving you a cut for promulgating their spam? 😉

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    @beel – good point 🙂

    sorry guys,
    i just did a copy paste from the comment on my site…
    I am not the spammer 😉

    I got the same thing

    Oops, hit the Post Message button too fast for the one above.
    I have something similar that happened. I also got an online gambling thing, but a different one from above. However, mine was a bit strange:
    I have about 30 or so drafts in my Write folder. Mostly just subject names and a few things in the body text (I do this to queue blogs for things that I want to write about, mostly just as a reminder).
    Well, anyway, the Spammer left comments almost all of the draft blogs. Not one appeared in published blogs.
    How can someone access those drafts? They haven’t been published, there is only one user for the site (me) and everything should be locked down. Does anyone know? This is really concerning.

    My blog also got affected with this spammers.
    Seems they made some automated scritp to post comments.
    Posts resemble “Quotes” from a famous person/book.
    So this is a BUG for wordpress. Its not a individual siteblog problem any more.

    Yup, I’m getting hit by this spammer as well. Luckily not too many, but it has only started in the last couple of days. Entering all the pertinent words into the spam blocker seems to be doing the trick though.

    Moderator James Huff


    It’s not a bug in WordPress, that’s just how sophisticated these SPAM bots are. Whenever you have active comments, you are open to being spammed. The only way to stop SPAM is to turn off your comments.

    Moderator James Huff


    Fahim, I’m sorry I wasn’t clear on what I meant before. I do like how WPBlacklist looks, and I think it’s a very sophisticated/complete system. But that’s my problem with it. I still prefer to have some control over my comments. So, for now, the built-in blacklist is just as effective as far as I’m concerned. However, when the days come that I’m swamped with comment SPAM and don’t have time to approve/disapprove comments, I will look not further than WPBlacklist.

    So how would I delete these comments? I have v 1.0.2 and have not the slightest clue as to going about updating to the new version of wordpress. I have two left toes when it comes to blogging or troubleshooting on the computer. So how do I block this online poker crap in v 1.0.2?

    you can try this.

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