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  • On one of my sites, a robot signed up about 1000 new members and now keeps requesting the URLs of (sitename)/author/(username), along with the resource names of /submit-articles, /author-panel and /about/submit-articles. The later three I am using Simple 301 redirect plugin to send them back to the “” they come from, since no such pages exist anyway. The first one, I finally managed to figure a way to use the RewriteRule in htaccess to include a wildcard * and send them along as well.

    I was just wondering if there is someone who has encountered this specific problem and has found a good plugin or proper handling method? The requested URLs just end up with a 404 page, but upwards of 1000 requests daily seem to be slowing down the site (hence the send back home approach).

    Anyone else have any experience with this unfriendly backlink seeking bandwith hog?

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  • Sean Huze


    Having the exact same issue but not as much volume as you’re describing. In fact, I found your post by google searching “spam submit-articles author-panel”. I don’t know if it’s a problem that must be addressed or just a nuisance. Those are the only addresses they try on my site as well.

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