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  • I’m running a WordPress blog (using the “Falling Leaves” theme) at . Over the last week, I’ve suddenly gotten a massive influx of “comments” from spamming computers. I have my comments preferences set to “Moderate Comments,” so I can thankfully delete these fake comments before they actually appear on the site. But it’s a nightmare getting and deleting hundreds of them anyway.

    When I “Moderate Comments,” I mark each of the spam comments with the “Mark as Spam” setting — which I thought would block future comments from that particular IP address. But it seems to have no effect. Most of the spams come from the same few IP addresses (that seem to be in China).

    The hassle is having to delete 50 spam comments every hour all day long. And they only seem to be increasing in number. How can I block them? Is there some setting in WordPress? Do I have to install a plugin? Or do I have to do it at the server level by blocking those IPs through my hosting company (which is even more of a hassle)?


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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