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  • I want to create a page that is simply a list of links to other pages, and on the other pages there will be one article per page. Do I need to do this manually with a whole lotta “a href” tags on my main “directory page” each pointing to an article or is there some elegant plugin or methodology that will do this?


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  • Well, I do something sort of similar, and what I do is create a page that will house the links – and for the posts (which will be the articles), give them a specific category, like “articles” or “essays.” On that first page, though, I use one of the plugins that allow you to list all the posts of a category – make sense? So, creat a page (not a post), and in it you will add the code that lists the posts for the category of the articles – so if the “articles” category has the ID of 3 (look on the ‘Manage Categories’ page to find the ID#), on the Page you create, you could put:

    <?php wp_cat_posts(3); ?>

    – then it wou dlist all the post titles. Here is alink to one of the plugins – the one for the above code – but there are several other ones and ways you can do it –

    Thanks, this is perfect! I had done an external link directory using a similar method but your method is more applicable for articles.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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