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    I have a WordPress website - http://www.boss-pedals.co.uk - that sells products via Amazon. I currently list products on the homepage via a WordPress plugin that I paid for called Phpzon.

    Because the Amazon affiliate program has such a rubbish cookie length (24 hours) I was thinking about switching to use a different affiliate (someone like gear4music.com). They have a page listing a bunch of products that I could sell (gear4music.com/Guitar_--_Bass_Effects/Boss.html) but what would be the best way of pulling all this info into my site as the plugin currently does on my homepage. I really don't want to manually code a table or anything as this would be a major pain and the links would go out of date.

    In the same way I would also want to add 'category specific' blocks to pages such as this one - http://www.boss-pedals.co.uk/boss-delay-pedals and product specific blocks to pages such as this one - http://www.boss-pedals.co.uk/boss-dd-3-delay

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Baz

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