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  • Long story short: I tried to change hosts from Dreamhost to another host and I’m making a lot of mistakes.

    My wordpress files are still saved with Dreamhost. I cannot access Dreamhosts phpMyAdmin or my WordPress panel because earlier, I changed domain name’s nameservers to the new host. Now, I can’t backup my database.

    I don’t want to switch my nameservers back to Dreamhost because that would probably take another couple of days for propagation, so I was wondering if it’s possible to backup my database from my files located with Dreamhost.

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  • If you created remote SQL and is still open you can download with SQL software. Why don’t you open a ticket there and ask them to send you with drop box or something else. I think dream host customer services isn’t that bad.

    Thanks. Actually I backed up my database now.

    But now, I have to figure out how to backup my old blog posts. Do you know how I can do that if I don’t have access to my WordPress admin panel?

    I think when you fill your database with old data, it will populate as before. Because as far as I know all the settings and data are saved in the database. don’t forget to change the site_url and home in options tables and some other place. look for the old domain name and replace them with current domain name.

    Are you saying the database backup will contain all the old posts?

    Yes, it should!

    as far as I know yes! I would like to suggest you to create new dummy wordpress using with your back up database and check whether you’ve can see your old post in admin panel.

    Don’t forget to change site_url and home coloum of wp_options table in database to your new site address.

    xmizer – You can still access your database if you have a dreamhosters domain, but it sounds like you’ve sorted that out.

    Also remember that your WordPress DB prefix (normally wp_) will be different if you used our one-click installer (we use wp_random_ instead).

    If you need help getting your content off, while we hate to lose you, we’re certainly still here to help you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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