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  • I needed to search and replace ALL occurrences of a specific word in all the posts (e.g. “white”) and replace it with another word (e.g. “blue”).

    This was accomplished pretty easily with the plugin called Search-Regex, which is available on the wordpress site as well.

    However, although the words “white” is now replaced with the word “blue” this does not manifest on the WP front end until I manually click edit every single post and click “update”.

    It looks as if WP now uses some kind of cashed versions of the posts and never checks what is in the database. (please note: although I use WP Super Cache for cashing, it is now deactivated and doesn’t influence this operation).

    Is there a way to automatically update ALL posts in one go so that my search and replace gets done quickly? I have over 1000 posts and updating every single one of them manually is going to be pretty exhausting.


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  • I see I made some grammatical mistakes that could blur the meaning of my question. So, here is the corrected version:

    However, although all the occurrences of the word “white” are now replaced with the word “blue” in the posts in the WP database, this does not reflect on the WP front end (the blog itself which my surfers can read) until I manually click edit on every single post and then click “update” (from the WP admin area).

    Can this process of “updating” the posts be automated so that I don’t have to go and edit and then update every single post? I have more than 1000 posts.

    yes, you can replace strings, like “white” to “blue” with the plugin Search & Replace

    Frank, thanks for the reply but that is not what I asked.

    Read my second post – even when those words are replaced in the WP database WordPress still generates the posts using the old word “white”. In other words, my surfers still see only “white” and that remains until I click EDIT Post and then Update (without actually making any modifications – the text inside the post has already been changed by Search-Regex plugin).

    I need to know if there is a way to do this “editing and updating” of all posts automatically.

    I’m having the same problem, did you ever find a solution?

    As far as I can see, if you wait one day or so, the posts get updated by themselves.

    Thanks! I’ll wait and see what happens.

    Try this
    I havent tested yet but it looks promising

    Im using and i think it works if you mass update published posts

    As far for ”search regex” i used it without any problem , without updating each post idividually , just from plugins control page with one click when i had to remove one paragraph from posts.

    In worst case scenario you could build youre own function

    My campaigns that I have running are not updating as set for time and date automatically. I find that I have to manually repost each item whether it be you tube rss or article. What happen to it updating automatically.

    MasterBen – I’m just curious… do you have a cache plugin installed on your site (like WP Super Cache or Total Cache)?

    The Search Regex plugin will make changes immediately (so always backup the data)… but by the sounds of things, your pages/posts are being cached.

    If you are, then you’ll need to clear the cache in the respective plugin.

    Hope that helps.



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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