How to automatically synchronise 2 x WP3 installations? (2 posts)

  1. dmtelf
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm new to WordPress & have a little synchronisation problem I currently don't know how to solve. I would really appreciate some expert advice.

    Our forthcoming corporate blog will be WP3 based, wp1.domainname.com is physically in the UK, and wp2.domainname.com is in another country.

    How can I automatically synchronise the wp1.domainname.com installation with wp2.domainname.com installation? This includes plugins, user accounts, themes, blog posts, comments etc - i.e. everything.

    The WP3 installations are Turnpike Linux based WordPress appliances, fully updated.

    rbackup-diff via cron was originally suggested, but I understand from this post that updating the database would have to be done manually in PHPMyAdmin & that particular post was for syncing a local site with a live one which is a different situation to mine?

    The "Using MySQL commands" section of this page gives info on how to use MySQL via the CLI to restore the database, but I understand the same database cannot be used in two identical WP installations on the same domain?


  2. Douglas Bell
    Posted 5 years ago #

    For plugins and themes, you're going to have to download those from your old site and move them to the new site manually.

    For everything else, you can use WordPress' built-in Export function -- just go to the Tools menu and choose Export. (I recommend that if you have a lot of spam comments in your Akismet spam queue, you delete them before doing this.) Then on the other install, go to Import under the Tools menu, and click on WordPress. WP will prompt you to install a "WordPress Export File" plugin, and once you've done that, you can use that tool to upload the file that you exported previously.

    That should work unless you have a enormous amount of content to move over. In that case, you can also do a full export of your WordPress database tables from within phpMyAdmin, and then import them to the other site also using phpMyAdmin.

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