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    Hi all,

    Iā€™m using wordpress at my website, and I want when I post something on my site, it will auto post to

    Facebook, twitter, and Google + fan pages, how to do that?

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  • any help?

    For Facebook there is a FACEBOOK app called RSS GRaffiti, i am sure there must a twitter app as well….
    As long as I know, you cant do this with WP, because the authentication process will have to be done by these social networking sites and not by your WP site

    Timothy Bowers


    WPMU DEV Support Staff & WCEU Contributor Day 2016

    Hey there.

    For Facebook there is:

    Ultimate Facebook

    That can handle pages, profiles, etc.

    For twitter I use TwitterFeed:

    I’ve used TwitterFeed for years and never had a single issue.

    Never used for for Google though, so not sure about that, sorry.

    RSSGraffti is an excellent app as recommend by Nasir Zia.

    PingFM is another I’ve used and loved before:

    Hope this helps. šŸ™‚
    for FaceBook
    for Twitter
    for Google+

    A fantastic suite of plugins. The Google+ one does not auto-post to yet. I don’t know of any plugins which do that yet.

    Timothy Bowers


    WPMU DEV Support Staff & WCEU Contributor Day 2016

    Ah yeah, I forgot about the Otto plugins. I’ve used them on some installs before and really loved them!!

    Sorry I should have mentioned those as well. šŸ™‚

    Maximilian Ruthe


    The Otto plugins definitely have some great features, but if this is simply for auto-posting those may be a bit heavy.
    Unless you want to go through the setup of Twitter & Facebook API’s, I suggest just going through a lightweight 3rd Party feed to autopost for you.

    Personally, I use NetworkBlogs, a Facebook app that can ‘burn’ your feed and auto post to as many Facebook Pages and Twitter pages you like, which comes in handy if you want to auto-post certain categories to certain pages, etc.

    I posted the instructions on this here: Ways to Autopost Blog Updates to Facebook, Twitter

    I recently tried the Facebook official plugin, then Simple Facbeook connect, and finally the NextScripts one. None of them can autopost a scheduled post. If you hit post when you’re done with the article, they autopost it just fine. If you scheduled the article for tomorrow or something, they just don’t pick it up.

    Third party apps work fine, but my visitors complain they can’t share those (you can’t share a post left by an app) and I wonder how much traffic I’m missing out on because they can’t share them.

    I have no idea if this is WordPress’ or Facebook’s issue. I do know the WordPress future publishing option tends not to play well with others. Very frustrating!

    I use this plugin for my website dedicated to Apprendre l’anglais for french students.
    It is worth using a All in One solution such as “Social Networks Auto Poster Options” from Next Scripts.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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