How to Auto Login to Third Party Site from my Site? (2 posts)

  1. tristant91
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I would like to make a button on my front page that simply takes users to another page of my site. On this page I need a place for users to put in a username and password that I give them. And a Login button. Now...when they press this button what I need to happen is their user and pass that is in those fields need to be automatically typed into a third party website and the enter button clicked automatically so that they are logged into that website. I am a middleman for that website and am trying to keep my users coming to my website to login to theirs instead of just going to theirs. You catch me? I do not have access to their website and have seen 2 other people's website that do this but they won't share with me how other than telling me javascript. I am not a pro at this. If you could give me instructions on how to make the page they login to my site and how to have it auto go to the third party site and fill in the info and auto click the tab and enter button so it logs into their site I would greatly appreciate it. I am using the plugin FS contact form idk ...Any jargon will not be understood by me fyi. If you could provide me a script to copy and paste with instructions on what to input or replace that would be nice. or a plugin or anything I could use I would be grateful.

  2. tristant91
    Posted 2 years ago #

    also each user has their own different user/pass. They will always be the same once I create them. Eventually I will make the site a member site where they each have profiles and will make their login details the same as the third party site. I would like to be able to auto login to third party site when they are logged into mine the same way they login the manual way from my login page if you guys can help me make it.

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