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    Thank for a great software, I’ve been blogging for several years now using WP and I like it a lot.

    Last week WP blog got hacked and they installed some phishing sites and my website got shut down. 🙁 Twice! I tried to clean it up but they came back; I finally had to uninstall WP and re-install it, I hope this will be enough.

    Now I want to set up my WP to auto-auto-update, in other words, I want to ALWAYS be running the latest available WP. Is there any way to do that, please?

    I know I can auto-update easily by clicking through the admin interface, but I don’t have time to check every day if a new version has come out yet, I just want the program to auto-update itself like Google Chrome does, so that I always have the latest and most secure version. This is what I call auto-auto-update. I just want it to take care of itself.

    Is that possible, please?

    Thanks again for a great blogging platform.

    Aleksey Tsalolikhin
    Los Angeles

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  • I think not. I can’t imagine that there are many website owners who want WordPress to update without an opportunity to a) make sure that plugins will still work, and b) backup first. They couldn’t possibly have made upgrading any easier than it is. If clicking one button is too much work, maybe you’re in the wrong business…

    You can. Install using WordPress using SVN and track trunk. See

    Setup a cron job on your server to run the ‘svn up’ command every day.

    If you want to do this, you should also automate your backups so you can roll back if something does go wrong.

    Like Hedley said, you may run into compatibility problems with your plugins and theme.



    Thanks, fonglh, that’s useful. Might be a good idea to update with this tip. I did read that page, but it references tagged branches, which means you have to know the version number. But following the trunk, yes, I can do that; thanks!




    Thanks, Hedley.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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