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  • Hi,
    total noob to WordPress and swimming in a very deep end.

    I’ve been tasked with migrating our old members website to a CMS system and WordPress has been tabled as a good candidate.

    The members website however needs securing against our existing application database (SQL Server). The anticipated process is a user logs into our Application, and from within the application, can click on a link which takes them to the WordPress members area website.

    The WordPress members area website then interrogates the query string which has encrypted information containing an application userId (this is independent of WordPress userId) and some form of timestamp and uses this information to verify the user is currently logged in (by way of a call to our Application database).

    I’m wondering how to go about wiring in this functionality into WordPress.

    I am of course on a steep learning curve having had limited PHP experience but relatively strong .NET and T-SQL and moderate jQuery/JavaScript/Html/XML experience.

    Many thanks

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