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  • I have a bunch of images in a post and I want to add more from the image library. I can’t figure out how to add these to the existing post. After clicking the checkbox next to each image, how do I add them or attach them?

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  • use gallery or insert in Page/Pst button below every images in options where you setting up alt names descriptions etc

    sorry.. don’t understand what you mean..

    you want to insert more pics in Page?

    Yes I already have a bunch of pics. I want to add some that are in the image library. But I want to know if I can add them all together rather than one by one.

    If is Post…
    Open existing Post then you have Post title for example MY post
    Below that is permanent link to your post and below taht link next is
    Upload and you have tiny image like camera
    click on it and new window will appear there you can select Library Tab and on left side images will appear and on right side is link Show so you click on show and Imasge title will apear,Description …. below that find button Insert in Post and click for picture that you want to insert…This is adding one by one

    (you have said that you have more then one image in post) so click on some new row(outside of images where you wish to add gallery) and for gallery use gallery Tab instead of library Tab then will appear at bottom options for gallery and click on insert gallery.Close that window and in post will appear large blue square with Image and on mouse hover you will have two options (to insert images in gallery and to delete gallery) choose insert then will pop up same dialog for upload THEN YOU GO TO LIBRARY TAB and choose one by one image on Insert in Post button and you will have grouped pictures in gallery.
    to make you easy you dont need to close that upload window after adding one pictures just simply click on next SHOW link beside image and they will be inserted

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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