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  • Where can I get more information on “the future possibility of assigning a user to one or more Roles” source – fourth paragraph

    Edit: I’m only interested in more than one role. I’m using Role Manager plugin and create my own roles already. I’m just trying to find a way to give a user more than one role.

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  • Roles are hierarchical — someone in a higher role can do more than someone in a lower one. There’s no need to have more than one role, as I understand it, because the higher of their roles will include all the powers of the lower role.

    I guess you could try googling around for a plugin, or modify your roles with the above in mind?

    maerk, you aren’t helping. My case is that I would want some users grouped in one role and others grouped in another role, but a few individuals as part of both. And no, roles don’t inherit capabilities of lower roles. The hierarchy is a bit artificial as a user_level is assigned to each role and is only significant for the capability to “edit others’ posts” as I understand it.

    I find it mentioned that WordPress supports the multiple role functionality being implemented, but has anyone used it or detailed how one must modify the user role in the database to reflect more than one role? If there is no plugin that manages it, I’ll modify the DB myself but I need to know how to list the roles.

    The designers of Roles and Capabilities allowed for the possibily of multiple Roles for a User; that is somewhat discussed in the original hackers discussion (listed in the Resources of Roles and Capabilities).

    But since that isn’t available now, why not just create a new ‘blended’ Role that has the list of Capabilities you want available to that group of users?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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