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    For me it would be great if I could control the plugins on the homepage of WordPress.

    Thus I have tried different steps, none of them working right now….

    1. Added Homepage URL like “” or as “” via “URL Admin” Menu and blocked the Plugins -> No result

    2. Tried to block all the plugins on the posts appering on the homepage (3x) -> No result

    That would only leave the option of globally blocking the unwanted plugins and then adding them again to the specific pages/posts via the manual control field within the post/page edit menu, correct?
    (which would be a horrible amount of work 😉

    Or do you have any other ideas on how to control the loaded plugins on the home page? (if settings are set to “start page shows latest posts”)

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  • And 5 mins later already gotten the answer just by trial and error 😉

    1. Make sure you have Yosts WP SEO installed
    2. Go to youre homepage (or any page that you want to get blocked manually via “URL-Admin)
    3. Open source code of that page and copy the URL-value from the Canonical Tag (in this case “”)
    4. Use that URL in the “URL-Admin” menu via adding it and blocking the specific plugins that you do not want to be loaded on the homepage
    5 (if applicable) Empty cache of W3 Cachte, WP Supercache or whatever caching software you are using 🙂

    BTW: Great, great plugin 🙂

    but why i need WP SEO Installed? i dont need that one.


    I also want to inhibit and prevent certain plugins from loading on the home page.

    Can you elaborate on your instructions?
    After loading the WordPress SEO by Yoast (i could not find anything called “Yosts WP SEO”, i could not find any URL-Admin menu, etc.
    Can you elaborate, and provide a link to the plugin you mentioned?
    Additionally, when specificy things like “URL-Admin” please tell us wher this menu is located.



    What was the difference between your problem and your solution? It appears to me that you added the same url to the filter, using the same method. The only difference seems to be that you cleared your cache the second time. Was there something else you did differently?

    Plugin Author Jeff Sterup


    You shouldn’t need any additional plugins. Just add whatever URL you use as your homepage to a plugin filter. or

    The filter works for me with:

    in the permalink field.

    Nice plugin. A must for getting pages optimised.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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