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    Hello Timm,

    I’ve done an Adobe Edge animation that’s 990 x 170 px to replace a Flash animation on a site I’m redesigning.

    The plugin Dynamic Headers has been handling this for the last few years because it supports swf and other popular image formats, and was able to display both an swf and images. Development of the Dynamic Headers plugin has stopped, so I need another solution.

    I’m using the Enhanced Text widget plugin that I dropped into my header widget area that right now just has this code – [edge_animation id=”1″] that runs the animation, that’s being recognized by the Edge Suite plugin.

    The animation runs fine, but because no other php, html, or css code is anywhere, the animation is showing on all pages, and I only want images in the same place on the other pages.

    What’s the best solution here? To run php code in the Enhanced Text widget that references the other pages? I’m not a php wizard, and this seems a daunting task right now…

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Barry,

    in the linked tutorial on edge docks you can see that you can choose the animation that should show up in the header per page (Placement method B). If you just want an image on same page, set the animation to “none” on the page and select a featured image. Then of course you should not delete the featured image PHP as is stated in the tutorial.

    Basically you just need to make that only a featured image or an animation is active per page. Does that help or did I get it wrong?

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Checked the tutorial again, I even leave the featured image in, so it should work as described in the tutorial. Depends of course on the theme that you are using. If it doesn’t work for your theme give twenty twelve a testrun and see if you got everything working there

    Hey Timm,

    A BIG thanks for your suggestions. Although I didn’t completely understand your last answer, you DID get me thinking about different ways to run your php code, and I figured it out.

    For anyone who may now, or in the future find themselves trying to overcome the obstacle I had, here is how I developed things to create a workaround.

    I was using the Dynamic Headers plugin that would display a Flash animation (swf file) on one page, and images on the other pages in the same place. Because I don’t want Flash animations for compatibility reasons, I’m no longer using the Dynamic Headers plugin which doesn’t support oam files.

    In my case I have coded a widget area in the Atahualpa theme’s header area called header_images.

    For that widget I downloaded and installed the “Enhanced Text” plugin. Now all that is necessary is to place the php code below:

    <div align=”center”><?php
    echo edge_suite_view();

    into the plugin in the Enhanced Text widget area (div’s are optional), upload your oam animation files, (which could be just a static image) using the Edge Suite plugin, select a different oam animation at the bottom of each page in edit view from the Edge Suite plugin, and you’re done! This method runs a different animation on each page.

    Thanks again Timm!


    Plugin Author ti2m


    well, the PHP code you posted is actually supposed to go into your header PHP template as described in the tutorial. In general I think it’s not that great to put the PHP code in the enhanced text widget area as this is a total overhead and can be done directly. But if you prefer it that way an it works, well all right 😉

    Just wanted to state that this is not recommended!

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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