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  • I’m trying to change the header image in the punchcut theme. It’s a grey background image and I’d like to put an image on it.
    When I upload the changed “nav-background-colors.png” it cuts off my image half way horizontally as if there is another image on top of it, but there isn’t (I tried “View Background Image” and nothing shows up). I know that in that area where my png file is cut off, there are twitter, facebook and other buttons, so they must have put some sort of a layer on top of the png to allow the buttons to work. I already tried to delete the code with the buttons and around the buttons, but nothing has changed. So, I wondered if someone had a hint for what I’m looking for. (There’s is not much useful code in the style.css, so I assume it’s something in the header, or do I need to learn how to program for this issue?)


    Thanks heaps

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  • this time i’m having just this idea

    go to header.php
    delete the code from where the title of the page is coming also the description. Make new <div> tags inside the header.php,and then give the background image into that via CSS.Making sure that All the other things are on the right place like RSS icon and menu.

    Thank you,

    When you have a minute could you give a few more code hints.
    I’ve deleted a whole lot with title tags (nothing changed yet), but when it comes to description I’m already lost. Everything is a description for me.
    + How do I “give the background image into that via CSS”? Sorry, I understand your thought, but wouldn’t know how to type it.

    In Arras theme, I have changed background image in the header, but I am not able to change the background color of the header. Please help.

    snshenoy, would have been great if you started your own post, as your comment doesn’t relate at all to my query……………

    sorry x-tremehealth!



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    the div #navigation with your background image only starts lower down in the header area, and is only as tall as you can see.
    you could try and add the same background image additionally to #header, and position it accordingly:

    #header {background: #f7f7f7 url( -1px 10px no-repeat;}
    #header #title {visibility:hidden; }
    #header #description {visibility:hidden; }

    worked in firefox with the developer add-on, but not tested in other browsers.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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