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  • Resolved valuser


    WP 3.8, bp 1.9.1

    Would like to be able to control where the “activity-meta” buttons are placed underneath the activity update.

    At the moment on a local install have

    Comment Favorite Like Flag Share buttons as per

    However once “Like” is clicked a line break is created to add the text “JoeBlogs liked this” as per

    This pushes the buttons to the right of Like down which is unnecessary.

    To avoid this would like to be able to put the Like button on the far right ?

    Any ideas how to do this really would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Tried with CSS – to shift the “Like” button to the right, .button.unlike {
    float: right !important;

    It shifts the button to the right but it is NOT a solution.

    CSS just changes the location of the button. it does not change the order in which the button is loaded, so when the button is clicked the same behaviour happens as reported in the original post.

    The key, i believe, is to be able to control the order in which the various “activity-meta” functions are loaded ???

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    I’ve changed the priority of the filters being used when displaying the buttons etc, this seems to have solved the issue. But could you let me know what plugins you’re planning on using and I’ll test them out?

    I’m not sure if the priority of the filters could be considered a “hack” or not, but I’ve this noted down for another look during a future update.

    I don’t think your Update has come into the repository.

    the other plugin involved is

    buddypress-share-it v.1.2.1 by @modemlooper (currently not in the wp repository)

    This plugin (buddypress-share-it) works perfectly WP 3.8.1 BP 1.9.2 and with a lot of other plugins

    i have posted this on the Buddypress Forums see

    For the time being i could use (as per suggestion by @henrywright on the Buddypress link above) something like

    #bp-default .users-who-like {
display: inline;

    This puts the “like notice” inline.


    Somehow one always ends up just asking for more !

    Now whats needed is a counter (already there) and a pop – up with links to the “likers”

    You, as Plugin developer, certainly will have a lot on your plate!!

    Go for it if at all possible!

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    I’ll check out that thread thanks!

    There’s a lot of different work that needs done, before I add too many new features I want to have a more stable plugin. I considered totally rewriting this over a free weekend, which might actually be less work if I redesign how the plugin works. But I’m not sure on other peoples views on this!

    Very difficult to make sensible suggestions if (like me) you haven’t a clue about coding.

    Just very glad and appreciative that someone is taking the time to do this.

    One possible way out of just the problem i highlighted here might be to put bp like on its own line ?

    Again i haven’t a clue if this is even viable.

    In any event – the very best – keep at it!

    Plugin Author darrenmeehan


    Is the new updating working for you with regards to this issue now?

    I don’t think putting bp like on its own line would look great, if enough people want it though I can make it an option.

    Thanks for your appreciation, helps me putting the time in!

    Yes it is and thank you

    I think you are correct – not necessary.

    Working well now.

    i suppose for a very busy site the likers could be put in a popup style (or tippy plugin style) box a la fb.

    Work for another day!

    First I must say, I love this plugin. Its great. One issue….I have “Post an activity update when something is liked” checked in the admin menu, but when I like a users activity, there is no new activity item saying I like someone’s comment. Any idea how to fix this?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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