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  • I am new to WP.I am using WP as a CMS – now when i add new users – i want to allow them to customize the menu or the header image etc according to their own liking. I tried to search the forum for such posts but was unsuccessful.

    Can you please guide me to an existing post, or is there a plugin available that can do this or i can do this using the admin account?
    If all answers are no – than should i do hardcoding in php to allow individual user to select his own page contents?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • thanks samboll for the links, and sorry for this late response – i got caught up in some coding – i am back to WordPress now

    I understand that the link you provided allows a user to switch themes – but my problem is a bit more complex. Here is the description

    I am trying to develop a website say something like a university website not a blog.

    I am the admin of a WordPress installation and i am creating users 1 and 2
    I have set a theme and when 1 and 2 log in they can see the theme set by me – and they can change themes by using the plugin u gave me.
    Now lets say that the theme the admin(me) set has a header image = cat for all pages.
    User 1 wants to only change the header image to dog
    User 2 also wants to change only the header image to sheep.
    Also the theme set by the admin has a sidebar with link1, link2, link3
    When ever a new user is created, they will get these links by default
    User 1 wants to add his own link link 4 and create his own page and link his new link to his page

    The way i thought of doing it was to give a page for each user where he can do all this(create link, create page, create content) – take all this in a form and create a page for them and add it to their individual pages

    I wanted to know if I will have to code all this or does wordpress already allow such stuff

    If my problem description is unclear – please let me know

    Thanks a lot

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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