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  • vfmctech


    I use another plugin to display cart messages (as well as per-product messages) that populate based on the category of the product.

    To explain with my real-world example:
    I have cuts of meat that are categorized under Pork, for example.
    So lets say I have Pork Chop Steaks, and Pork Bones for Example.

    I have a category for Pork with a sub-category of “Steaks” and another sub-category of “Bones”

    Not all products under “Steaks” or “Bones” are created equal, so we have some items which are priced “Per Pound” – meaning we won’t know the exact weight or price until the item is weighed on a scale (when we fill the order later)

    The other items are packed “Per Package” with a known price. (We don’t need to weight it to know how much to charge)

    I want to use a “hidden” category called “Priced Per Pound” so I may group products together from various different parent categories, and use THAT hidden category to trigger the Shopping Cart Messages that the other plug-in displays.

    I don’t want customers to see that category “Priced Per Pound” but I do want them to see the products and the message that the 3rd party plugin produces.

    The issue I am having:

    When I mark the category “Priced Per Pound” as “Hidden” the popup messages from the 3rd party plugin stop working.

    If I un-hide the category, then the 3rd party message appears as expected.

    Is there a way to resolve this?

    Thank you so much!

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  • Plugin Author Bastien Ho



    First, thank for using Hide-Categories-Products.

    My question is: how do you manage your message in cart?

    The way you do this will determine the most efficient way to do that.

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