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    First of all, your plugin is great. I only have one problem with the site of my client. We put image/media details for each post attachment to the Title field and some have
    in them in the middle of the details but they dont work. They
    tags appear on the text when you view the source but they dont work as expected, to create a line break.
    So I copied the details of some images to the Caption fields and set the “Text to use in the caption link.” to “image caption”. The caption shows up the same as the previous setting but the line breaks still dont work.
    Can you help with this problem? I am willing to edit the plugin manually if you can tell me what function or code to edit.


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  • Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    I understand the desire to control text layout, but putting html code into your image titles, description, caption is not a good idea.

    Are your line breaks being stripped from the image caption ?
    or are they failing to be recognized?

    the superslider-Show plugin isn’t stripping the content of image captions or descriptions or titles, the functions used to call that data is WordPress native, so editing the plugin file isn’t the first answer.

    If you could post a test show as an example with info re: what should appear and what your short code is I may be able to find the solution.

    I’ve just created a test myself, the image description was set with a break in the text and that break has been respected and rendered.
    This tells me that you may be doing something wrong, check that you have used a valid break tag, ie:
    <br />


    Hi Daiv,

    Thank you for your response. Here is the page:

    If you’ll check the div with the class “slideshow-captions”, the <a> element there contains a tag, but as you can see, it doesnt render the on the actual page. The line breaks arent stripped, just not recognized.

    In the title field of attachment editor I just put the tag as is. The posts are using the [gallery] shortcode with no other params.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    could you please set the controler to on in your admin/ss-show/settings page, to assist with trouble shooting this.

    Hi Daiv,

    I just realized that I failed to check the css because I was not able to stop the slideshow animation. I just saw in the css that the previous developer disabled the line break style. He set it to display:none. lol

    I was surprised when I saw that.

    Thanks a lot for the response. Much appreciated.

    Plugin Author Daiv Mowbray


    Hello Paulprov,
    Thats great!
    Yes it is impossible to trouble shoot the css of a slideshow if the show is running. I always leave the controller active or set “pause on mouseover” to aid with this and to provide the user with a way to pause on the active image.

    Glad its all working for you now.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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