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  • I’ve searched for this question and haven’t seen anything that specifically answers my question.

    I want to have all anonymous but moderated comments and I want to have no “name” “email” “website” fields showing up at all. I want nothing but a comment box and a submit button.

    I tried removing the “input” code in comments.php and it gets rid of the fields but it also removes the message that says all comments are being held for moderation.

    I need that message to show up but it doesn’t when I remove all the info related to comment author etc.

    I know cookies have something to do with it and frankly, I could care less about the cookies.

    so…can I either remove the code that creates a cookie for visitors/commenters?


    can I somehow get rid of the comment author name/email/website fields and still have the moderation message come up?

    I know there has to be a way to do this but I’m stumped.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • mrmist


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    Missing out the fields entirely would probably cause internal headaches. What you could try is altering the inputs for the fields you don’t want so they they are type=”hidden” with pre-defined values like “commentername” to satisfy what might be required fields in the database.

    That’s a great idea. I think I can do the type =”hidden”. Not sure about “commentername” as my skills are not quite there yet but I will try. Any tips you have to that end are much appreciated. Thanks for your help!



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    All I was meaning there is that when you change the input types to hidden you will also need to change them so that they pass a value, so you’d have to supply that value (since you won’t be asking for it in a form any more.) It’d be something like this –

    <input type="hidden" name="name" value="Anonymous"/>

    Gotcha. Thank you!

    I thought this was working for me but then I realized that if you use the value “anonymous” then that is the value for every post and a commenter can see all the other not yet approved posts because they all have the same author (“anonymous”)



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    Hmm ok. I did not realise that it based who could see the non-approved comments on the commenter name. Are you sure that’s why you can see them? (I mean, if you view the page from a different computer leaving another anonymous comment can you see all the others?)

    If that’s the case, then I can only suggest randomizing the “Anonymous” value in php, so it writes “Anonymous748” or whatever.

    Changing the line to

    <?php echo '<input type="hidden" name="name" value="Anonymous';
    echo rand(100, 999);
    echo '"/> ';

    Or some more cleanly-coded version of the same would do that.

    I will definitely try that. Didn’t even know it was an option. Thanks!

    I’m clearly challenged. I tried and couldn’t get it to work.



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    What was the result?

    It may just have not worked because my syntax wasn’t perfect, I didn’t test it just came up with it on the spot.

    I got a syntax error. I tried fiddling with it a little but I’m out of my league with PHP.

    Anyone still watching this? I’m working on the exact same issue. I can hide all comments via the option to moderate them.

    Then if I post a comment anonymously, I don’t get the “your comment is held for moderation message”. However, if I log in (as administrator), I do see the message from my previous comment.

    So, does the comment moderation message only work for users who are logged in?

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