How to allow a user to add categories but not to remove them (1 post)

  1. pampo
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello there,

    I'm writing from Italy and I'm new to WordPress, so please excuse me if this question is trivial, I searched through these forums but I was not able to find anything useful to me for this issue.

    I'm setting up a blog where all registered users should be able to create posts (i.e. Authors role), and to add new categories, but I would not like them to be able to remove existing categories (maybe created by other users), only Administrators should to this.

    I also installed "Role Scoper" plugin to see if it matches my needs, but it seems it can't, maybe I'm wrong.

    How can I achieve this goal? Is it possible to use an existing plugin or do I have to write a custom one? Or do I have to hack WordPress code itself? If so, may you please me point at the right part?

    Many many thanks for your kind reply,


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