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    i have written a post in Microsoft office word and pasted it in the word-press editor. Post publish, i found that the contents are left aligned and it look weird ( Could anyone suggest me how to have the content aligned as “Justice”(align text to both the left and right margin) as in Microsoft office word.


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  • It is not a good idea to use Microsoft Office Word as an editing tool to format text and paste it directly to the WordPress Editor box because the text may carry its own syntax and cause unexpected results. If you need to use it, after completing your text in MS Word, paste it on to a plain text editor like notepad and from notepad cut & paste again on to the dashboard editor and do further formatting there.

    What do you mean by justice? Justified?

    Thanks a lot Krishna!

    “Justice” is the name of the alignment in MS Word which i am referring to.
    Anyways i should try the text editor(Notepad).

    It’s not a standard option in the visual editor… mainly because it is not a good idea to use that on a website thanks ot the varying width that happens pretty much everywhere.

    If you really have to do that though, go into the HTML view, and add this at the top:

    <div style='text-align: justify;'>

    And this at the bottom:


    Taht will do what you want it to. Hopefully it looks the way that you want it to.

    Thanks Michael. i tried but the HTML editor doesn’t recognize “Justice” as any margin alignment. will stick with what is available.!!

    It’s NOT “justice” – It’s “justify”. See here for more examples.

    Type it exactly as I wrote it above and it will work.

    OOoppss sorry bad..yes its Justify..i tried your exact lines but no positive results. is it working for you?

    Yes it does. Can you post a link to a page on your site that’s got this problem? Then I can see what you’ve done there.

    OK, that’s solved it. It’s a very easy fix (when you look at the source code).

    All of your text in that article has the <p> tag set to align left, so that’s over-riding the justify that you are using.

    Go back into the HTML editor, and change

    <p style="text-align: left;">



    on all of the paragraphs.

    Yes Michael,
    i just got it..i had to change it to <p style=”text-align: justify;”>. earlier i was just adding the <div style=’text-align: justify;’> ahead of <p style=”text-align: justify;”> which was the problem. Thanks a lot.

    but is there any way i can change the entire content to justify instead of changing each paragraph?

    Yes. Remove the style form all of your <p> tags.

    Thanks a Lot Michael….u made my day…

    the contents look good now…

    Glad that I could help.

    Just remember from nwo on that you should really do any cut-and-paste from Notepad, and not Word. Word just creates so many extra issues.

    Also, if you want this to be site-wide, you can ad da CSS rule to your stylesheet to enfoce it for every page/post that you make so you don’t have to do this for everything.

    Roger that..can you walk me through the css rule steps? i am sorry i am new to these stuffs..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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