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    I am new to involved styling in wordpress. So I would really appreciate any help – and I apologize if my need seems pretty elementary:

    I have changed the size of my kwicks slider so it no longer spans the whole width of my homepage: However, I would like to put a widget to the right of the slider. However, currently the widgetized area that I created drops below the kwicks slider and takes up the whole width of the page instead of sharing the same line. How do I style this in CSS so the widget area and the Kwicks slider are side-by-side? (I eventually want to put the “Promotions Slider” in the wigetized area instead of the ‘categories’)

    Thanks in advance for your patience with me and any advice you can offer:

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  • It is nearly impossible to answer most CSS questions without being able to view the page in question. If you can post a link to the site here, someone might be able to help.

    You can make CSS work much easier by using the Firefox browser with the Firebug addon.


    Thanks for your response. I currently put the website under construction so that clients don’t see the work in progress on the site. However, Firebug has been really useful. Thanks for the recommendation! I was able to align the elements – but I am not certain that I coded it with the best practices. Once the site goes live – is this the best place to post a link to the site to see if someone can give me their opinion as to whether I coded it behind the scenes properly?

    If it works, don’t fix it!

    You can try to get an opinion here, but may not get any answers.

    Thanks vtxyzzy! I really appreciated your help!

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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