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  • Hi,

    You need to find this rule in style.css: .qtrans_language_chooser li {}

    Simply delete float:right; and the flags should move to the left.

    I hope it helps.

    Before making any changes it is best to use a custom css editor plugin (if your theme does not already have one included) or set-up and activate a child theme.

    Then add to the plugin or child theme stylesheet:

    .qtrans_language_chooser li {
    float: none;

    Thanks for the quick reply. I got it to align to the left of my header.


    One more thing. Now that my languages align to the left, how can I tweak it so the text or flags do not display the grey underline.
    Also, I want to decrease the gap between the languages and the navigation menu. Should I tweak the qTranslate widget or the position of the navigation menu and logo?

    To remove the gray line add this in the same fashion as the previous:

    div.custom-sidebar ul li {
    border: none;

    The gap between the language bar and navigation bar is mostly controlled by a 45px bottom margin on the language bar. I say mostly because there is also a 10px margin on the top of the navigation menu, but that is nominal for your purpose. To diminish the gap add this line in the same manner as the previous:

    div.custom-sidebar {
    margin-bottom: 45px;

    but change the 45 to a lower number that creates a gap you like (say 25 or so).

    Thank you so much, I appreciate it. It looks great!

    My pleasure. Glad I could help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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