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  • Hi all,

    I’m using a 2 column section consisting of an image and nav menu. They look fine on desktop and sometimes tablet view but on mobile, they’re split into stacked columns. Is there anyway to get around this? My site is not live but I’ve provided an image below –

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Yep, that’s what mobiles look like. You could increase the size of your logo so it covers more of the mobile screen. Mobile responsive seems to mean push to one column and stack everything on the page.
    I’d love to see if there is an alternative.

    I do not recommend changing from 1 column = 100 % width BUT in the name of science.

    You can click the mobile view and then change the section width to what you want. Make the math = like about 94% due to scroll bars.

    If its of any help, we had MAJOR issues getting pages to “look nice” on a mobile, they generally need to look “ok” on a desktop and mobile. However your never get “great” on both.

    What we did was create a whole separate pages for the mobile (home-mobile, contact-mobile etc.. all in the same WordPress site), then the home page has a wizzy bit of code that checks if its a mobile then refreshes the page to the mobile version (home checks if its a mobile then refreshes the page to home-mobile, all of its links go to mobile versions on the the pages).

    Although this could work for every page, what we did was do the home page only, then theme uses a different menu for the mobile devices, so once its on the home page, every page menu will always be a mobile page (so to speak).

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    Do you know what that snippet of code would be?


    I have the code, we developed it, however for it to work your theme needs to be able to have a completely different menu structure for a mobile OR the page has to turn that theme off so you have different menus on the MOBILE pages (otherwise when they see the standard pages for a desktop).

    The code “could” be run in every page to refresh is, but this really isn’t good practice.

    Your welcome to contact me directly and we can talk about it… Its fairly advanced webpage development before WordPress was around.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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