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  • Hello. Is there a way to view — and if need be — adjust the “time to live” value for my WP RSS feed?

    The reason why I ask is because I just set up a Tumblr account two days ago; and, as some of you will probably already know, under the “Services” menu in the online preferences, there is an option to import blog entries from a WP blog.

    While it does appear to be working, it seems to take many hours — 6 to 12? — for Tumblr to important my WP posts.

    In an email to me, one of the Tumblr techs stated:

    “The time between updates can vary greatly depending on the service. We try to crawl feeds once every hour, but we do respect each feed’s “Time To Live” (TTL) declaration which may affect the update interval.”

    So, I am wondering if maybe I need to change the TTL variable somewhere so that Tumblr finds something when it checks every hour.

    One thing to note, the fellow also said that Tumblr skips WP entries that are over two days old.

    Thanks so much

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