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  • Hey Guys

    I have searched the entire internet and i just cannot find the answer to this question, even though im sure im not the only one who have had this issue.

    I have a large CSV file with a lot of products that i want to upload in bulk, so i use WP all Import and that works fine. But the images in this file is mixed landscape and portrait mode which means a lot of the image get cut off. Isn’t there a plugin that can make it so the images only get scaled until the widest part of the images touches the container, so it will never get cut off?

    I know i could go through each image and make in square in photoshop but this would take ages to do with so many images, they are so different that a photoshop action cannot do the job.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 4 months ago by Hampmir.
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  • @hampmir

    Thanks again for having written back!

    I couldnt get any of these plugins to work

    What issues did you see, specifically with the “square-thumbnails” plugin? (referenced above)

    (I did also see one issue with it, and but since then, the plugin has become updated with some fixes, which has improved it! Reference: )

    Then I also realized another thing about the results of using the square-thumbails plugin, which is that its output doesn’t work well with some themes, e.g. the Twenty Seventeen theme.

    In the context of what I’ve learned so far, one alternative solution that I could suggest at this point, would be to switch to the Twenty Fifteen theme as the theme, *in addition to* using the “square-thumbnails” plugin. I confirmed that, at least with individual file uploads, this solution works to produce + display square, non-cropped thumbnails. (didn’t test yet for the bulk upload scenario)

    Here’s a screenshot of how this solution looks on a test site:

    2017 08 08 1203 twenty fifteen

    I realize it’s extreme to change a theme just to implement one new functionality. What theme does the timetextest site use — Divi theme? I’m sorry that I don’t have a copy of Divi with which to test :/

    Will you write back again with some more thoughts on this, and/or to let us know how you go?

    Thank you for testing, yes you got the result i was looking for, i just need to be able to use bulk upload as i get the products vi CSV files, cant upload 1000 producs one by one. So i guess i will just have to wait for the plugin to be improved eventually 🙂


    Thanks for again writing back!

    i just need to be able to use bulk upload

    I’m sorry I just meant that I hadn’t tested the bulk upload.

    This morning I tested the bulk upload (using the wp-all-import + woocommerce-xml-csv-product-import plugins), and confirmed that it does work, in concert with the square-thumbnails plugin, to produce the square, non-cropped thumbnails.

    Thank you for bearing with me as I finished testing this functionality.

    Here’s a screenshot of how the test site looks, with Twenty Fifteen theme, showing the square thumbnail as desired, after I did the .csv import (with one image in it). Screenshot:

    2017 08 10 products after all import test

    @hampmir, how does your site/theme do in terms of displaing the square thumbnails?

    Stated differently, if you try this proposed solution out on the timetextest site, then how does it look+feel?

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    Weird i did it exactly like you are saying but it didn’t work when i use it. I have a lot of other stuff to do right now after my vacation so i will not be able to test it right now, but next time i need to upload i will try it out and see if it works, i dont use the twentyfifteen theme though, i use a premium one. 🙂


    Well this has been an awesome so far!

    Thank you for having always written an udpate of where the case is currently at!

    I think we covered a lot of options, learned a lot about wrangling square thumbnails.

    I think we also laid the groundwork for some good next-steps for when the time comes!

    Thank you for taking the time also. Are you a developer of plugins your self? 🙂


    Thanks for asking!

    Right now a project of mine is a two-week-long sprint, doing a work-project, to focus on doing tech support for the open source WooCommerce plugin software.

    (that’s how I came across your thread here on the WooCommerce plugin support forum!)

    P.S. I liked seeing you web store — It’s great to be able to see how WooCommerce is being used to display jackets, pants, etc! I like learning about WooCommerce and the different ways that it can be used! thanks for sharing about your work on this!

    Sounds great and thank you. I got another problem that i think the website is really really slow even though i have tried different speed boosting cache plugins, so next month when i got time i will need to focus on speeding it up. Do you have any experience with something like this too? 🙂


    I’d recommend starting a new (separate) forum thread to ask about slowness issue.

    Edit: I see you did on another thread 🙂

    Hi Again Mjassen

    I have now tested the Square thumbnail plugin and it seems to have been updated, so now this works very well! Saves me a lot of trouble going through images manually 😀

    @hampmir — great — thanks for the update!

    Hey guys, I have the same issue. First of all, do you know a CSS code which does what the plugin does just that you don’t need to upload all the images but can use different sources (Amazon provides the images for me). And second the plug in only turns my images so it only adds bars on top and bottom and not the sides.

    Kind regards

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